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Service from SkiGoHome

How we service skis in SkiGoHome?

Grinding is performed on the Austrian Wintersteiger machines, which rank among the top in the industry. Wintersteiger uses patented edge grinding technology with ceramic disc, making the edge of the ski perfectly sharpened. The grinding of the structure on the stone is a matter of course.

Important notions

The structure on the stone – the latest technology for grinding skids. It is characterized by small grooves on the base in regular shapes. If the ski was perfectly straight, it would act as a sucker and slow down on the snow. The structure allows air to get between the snow and the ski, which has better sliding properties.
Ceramic Discs – Unique patented technology that perfectly sharpen the edge along its length. The ceramic discs rotate at high speeds perpendicularly to the edge. This ensures that each spot is grounded by the entire disc, which is not technically possible for the grinding belt. In addition, they are more gentle than conventional grinding, so there is no unnecessary removal of the edge material and your skis will last longer.


– automatic machine – Wintersteiger MicroJet Disc

– state-of-the-art technology
– grinding the base on the stone
– edge grinding with ceramic discs
– the possibility of angled edges
– creating any structure

… other used machines

How we do world cup racing service and what is done with your skis?

Acceptation of your skis

1. Reception – for each received ski, the condition of the edges (burrs, dents), skirts (scratches, dryness) and shape (twisting, pushing) is checked

2. We select the most appropriate type of service, all that needs to be done is a written on the service sheets with a pick-up date (for example, we chose World Cup Racing Service with grooves repair for 699, – CZK).


3. Check for a second time – the service technician will re-check everything and if he finds other deficiencies, he calls the customer and discusses the next step. That’s why you can not get the price higher than agreed when picking up skis from a workshop

4. Removal of the old wax – it is necessary to remove the old wax so that the small grooves and scratches can be repaired

5. Fixing of the grooves and scratches – We are using a Polyman manual handgun for smaller grooves, for a larger automatic PolyJet. After pouring of the fixing matter into the grooves, excess material is removed and service procedure can go further

6. Prebrush – The Sigma B is used to basic aligning of the ground plane and edge, to remove the old dry base, or to grind the rusty edge

7. Grinding – The WINTERSTEIGER MicroJet Disc machine is used for final grinding of the edges with ceramic discs and creating a structure on the base. First, the basic structure is grinded and after the diamond sanding the proper structure is created (the shape, roughness and depth of the structure is directly dependent on the type of snow, we will recommend the most suitable for you)

8. Final tuning of the lower edge is done manually using a diamond file

9. The dried ski is brushed with a special brush and degreased again

10. Waxing – WaxJet machine – a very important part of the whole service process is waxing. Skis have open pores and after sharpening they are quickly drying, so it is important to wax as soon as possible. We use Swix waxes. After hot waxing we brush and polish skis to the final form

Dispatching of the skis

11. Handover



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